Easy & Stylish Scarf Tying Techniques

  A scarf is that one accessory that will always be on the “trends to look forward to” list each season, they are timeless and versatile. With so many textures, sizes, and colors there is a scarf to fit all fashion types for every occasion. (or no occasion at all) Now that fall is here and winter is around the corner it is a must that we take advantage of these seasons. Whether you prefer wool, cotton, linen, or pashmina here are SIX easy and stylish techniques to show off your favorite warm weather accessory!
(Click on any image below to be directed to that scarf and it’s color options!)


Lay scarf around neck with one side longer than the other.
Take the left (longer) side and wrap around neck bringing back to the front.
Take left side and pull through behind loop around neck.
Take right side of scarf and pull through the same way.
Pull both sides completely through then tighten to your liking and fluff to perfection.


Fold scarf in half and wrap around the back of your neck.
Pull both ends through loop and adjust scarf to what feels comfortable.



Fold scarf in half and wrap around back of neck.
Pull long ends trough loop. Pull long end up and under the neckline.
Pull it over the top and back down through the loop.


Wrap scarf around neck with both ends resting in the front.
Pull right side over neckline, leaving it loose.
Take left side and pull through the loose loop created by the right. Tighten, center, and fluff to finish.


Tie two corners of your scarf together. Drape around neck with knot in front.
Do a half twist and pull knotted end over your head and behind neck. Adjust layers to your preference.

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Drape scarf around back of neck making one side longer than the other in front.
Take long end and wrap around neck again.
Cross both ends pulling one end through the other creating a loose knot.
Tighten knot and turn scarf to the side, fluff until you are satisfied with your look.


These are only a handful of ways to tie your scarves but it is a good start! All scarves shown here are sold on Purple Box Jewelry. In the spirit of the fall season approaching a classic style Pashmina is perfect for comfort, style, or a night out. Purple Box Jewelry has them starting at
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Next week we learn how to give our favorite fashion jewelry pieces a longer life.
Until next time! Stay stylish, unique, and you!

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