Scarf Jewelry Buzz!

There is a new product making a statement in the fashion jewelry world, scarf jewelry. Scarves alone are a timeless classic that will always be a must have in your accessories closet. Scarf jewelry is giving a little extra style to your scarf collection.

There are many styles of scarf jewelry ranging from rings, tubes, dangles, pendants, and more. Whether you wear a couple of single rings or coordinate a variety of pieces together you are sure to catch a compliment wearing this year’s newest trend in scarves and fashion jewelry.

Check out these awesome new fashion must haves and be inspired to come up with a style all your own. Scarf jewelry is coming to Purple Box Jewelry soon, don’t miss out on this HOT new style.

The pendant style scarf jewelry (shown above) comes in so many shapes and colors and is designed to fit most scarves effortlessly. Use it to accent a warm Pashmina or a light and airy summer favorite. This pendant is a great alternative to a necklace and is sure to get attention. Play around with it a bit and combine it with other scarf jewelry to come up with a combination that you love.

This tube style piece (as shown in the above images) will coordinate with just about any scarf. Simple in design it adds just the right amount of bling to your scarf.  These are great for a night out with the girls and a perfect unique gift. The tube scarf jewelry comes in pairs or a single longer style and can be worn separate or all together.

The ring style (pictured above) is the most versatile and easily goes with just about every scarf and coordinates perfectly with other styles of scarf jewelry. Sold in packs of 3 with various styles and textures you are sure to come up with your perfect look. These rings are ideal for pairing with other styles of scarf jewelry because of the simplicity in the design. Yet can be worn alone and layered with other rings.

The button slide or shield (displayed in the above images) is a combination of the pendant and the tube pieces. It doesn’t hang as the pendant would but gives a statement all its own. Whether you choose the simple design or multi colored pendant you won’t be sorry about the extra bit of style it gives to your scarves. These come in many mixes from colorful epoxy, various metals and tones, etched detail, and so much more.

Then we have the dangle pieces (photographed above) that are perfect for showing off your fabulous style sense. Designed with charms, chains, and stones they add extreme style to your scarf. They are light weight and made in so many colors and textures.

With the variety of scarf jewelry we will SOON have to offer there is sure to be a perfect piece that is universal to your scarf collection. To be on top of the latest PBJ News, especially scarf jewelry, special savings, contests, and more subscribe here! All scarves shown in the images of this post are linked for you convenience.
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