St. Patty’s Day Style!

St. Patrick’s day is near! Irish or not it’s the perfect and well really mandatory day to bust out your favorite greens. If beer glasses, leprechaun hats, and rainbow tights are not quite your style that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the festivities. We have put together a fun yet fashionable outfit that doesn’t scream shamrocks and large buckles.

You don’t have to be head to toe in the color green but you can accessorize with a jacket, scarf, jewelry, or a killer pair of heels. This outfit is simple, cute, and definitely says I’m here to celebrate my Irish side (because everyone is Irish for the day!) while looking fabulously stylish!

Whether you rock some skinny jeans or a jean skirt, white tank top or a green t-shirt you are bound to find some greens the coordinate well with your style preference. Start out with the basics and accessorize in green ladies and you can’t go wrong…however I think those heels are a must!

Have a fashionably fabulous St. Patrick’s Day!

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