What is Scarf Jewelry?

Scarf jewelry is any type of jewelry, made of various metals, beads, gems, and jewels, that can have a scarf looped through it.  The most popular kind is the scarf slide.  The scarf slide can come in a variety of different forms including; open wire, color shell, filigree, rings, and pairs of slides.

The open wire scarf slide is an open tube with a metal wire design.  The openness of the design lets the details in the scarf show through the design adding color to the slide.

The color shell slide scarf jewelry has multiple colors made with an epoxy finish in a gradient of rainbow colors along with a silver finish and abalone shell inserts.  These shell slides can be worn separate or be paired with others add pieces of flair to your scarf.

 Filigree scarf jewelry is a metal tube that is accented with the popular filigree design and bands of rhinestones. This has a classic minimalist style that comes in brushed and shined metal finishes.

Pairs of scarf jewelry slides are 2 scarf tubes etched with a black inset to create designs on these silver scarf slides.  The pairs can be placed anywhere along the scarf to create a unique look.  These are a favorite for being paired with other scarf jewelry, especially the pendants.

Scarf rings are simple with dainty details. These can be worn alone to add subtle embellishments to your scarf but look fabulous with other scarf jewelry pieces.

Scarf jewelry pendants come in a large variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. There are animals, floral, charms, and many other designs and patterns. These pendants hang from the middle of the scarf and turn any scarf into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The versatility of the scarf jewelry is a great feature because you can mix and match scarf pendants with scarf slides to create your own style. The best part of Purple Box Jewelry scarf jewelry is the quality. We use metals and embellish with other materials so the scarf jewelry lasts. In addition we want the jewelry to be versatile so you are able to use these pieces on all your scarves so we sell the jewelry and scarves separate.

Scarf Jewelry is a relatively new jewelry item but its roots go back to the Wild West days. In those days cowboys and girls would use a metal or wooden scarf tube to keep their scarf on and tied tightly to their faces during dust storms and special occasions.  Scarf jewelry comes in so many styles, colors, and textures it changes your scarf into a necklace making a statement in your style. Have fun with the varieties of scarf jewelry and play around to create your perfect look!

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