Jewelry Trends of 2012

This morning I was reading an article from Miximports about the Top 10 Jewelry Trends of 2012. She writes that in 2012 the top jewelry trends are all about classic pieces for spring and natural pieces for fall. Viewing her examples I realized that right here at Purple Box Jewelry we have something that fits almost every trend.

So here it is… Purple Box Jewelry’s version of the Top Jewelry Trends of 2012!

10 – Choker Necklaces
Personally I am not a fan of the choker, however, I know that a lot of people are. I think that this necklace would work well for choker lover and non choker lovers alike.

Brite Teardrop Shell Necklace Rainbow – $7.90

9 – Blues, Blues, Blues

Swirl Design Turquoise Pendant Necklace – $16.90

8 – Crosses

Turquoise Cross Necklace Set – $17.90

7 – Floral Jewelry

Hematite Flower Necklace Set – $21.90

6 – Resin Jewelry
Purple Box Jewelry doesn’t actually have any resin jewelry but I thought this piece at least looked the part.

Blue Shell Disc Necklace Set – $29.90

5 – Hair Accessories

Knit Flower Headband Purple – $9.90

4 – Geode Jewelry
We Don’t have any Geode jewelry here at PBJ, but I thought this cute piece of owl scarf jewelry could fill it’s spot. (Who doesn’t love owls?)

Stone Owl Scarf Jewelry – $12.90

3 – Feathers

Feather and Stone Headband Pink – $8.90

2 – Maxi Necklaces

Mosaic Necklace Set – $19.90

1 – Futuristic Jewelry

Black Rubber With Cable Bracelet  – $7.74

There are a lot of other jewelry pieces that fit into these categories here at Purple Box Jewelry, I just chose to show only one. You can view all of our other trend setting jewelry HERE… happy shopping!

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