The Perfect Weekend Accessories!

I love the end of August because you never know what kind of weather you are going to get. It could be horribly hot or slightly chilly… you just never know! So when trying to jazz up my weekend outfit I want something that will work with whatever mother nature throws my way.

So far, I am thinking that this weekend calls for a nice pair of skinny jeans, neutral tank top, and some comfy sandals. Now, to dress it up! If I am wearing a neutral tank I need something bright to create a little excitement. Here are my choices…

Scarf – $12.40
Earrings – $2.73
Bracelet – $12.90

I am loving this scarf with all of the colors. It reminds me of a water color painting. Paired with these awesome earrings and bracelet I am geared up for a fun Saturday!

Is it 5 o’clock yet? I am ready for the weekend.


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