Halloween Scarf

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many of us but it’s not like your going to wear a costume to work… well some of us might.  But for the other people who won’t get dressed up in their costume this Halloween Scarf is a perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe that day without going overboard on a Justin Bieber costume.

Black Halloween Scarf

Halloween Scarf

This Halloween Punkin Scarf comes in three colors, black, white and orange.  They are now on sale for only $4.74!  Get them while they are still in stock at www.PurpleBoxJewelry.com.

Orange Halloween Scarf

Halloween Scarf

This White Halloween Scarf makes a great accessory to your Halloween outfit. This scarf comes in three different colored backgrounds with jack-o-lanterns all over. This is one Spooky Scarf!

Punkin ScarfThe Halloween Scarf measures 59 inches by 13 inches and has a silk like feel, made of 100% polyester. The Scarf offers a light weight feel and ties easily around one’s neck.  Find yours today at Purple Box Jewelry

This special price of $4.74 is only good for a limited time so be sure and order yours before Halloween.

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