What is a “Scardigan”?

Have you ever heard of a Scardigan?  Well if you are a fan of SNL you may have. A couple of weeks ago the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a part of a skit where he portrayed an outrageous, over-the-top, hip-hop-esque authority on fashion in which he was obsessed with a new invention called the Scardigan. The Scardigan, which is a scarf-cardigan hybrid, is the new hot item! (Check out the skit below.)

Now, if you have been to www.purpleboxjewelry.com before, or are a reader of our blog, you know that a couple of weeks ago we added a super awesome button scarf to the site. We also included a little poster on the many ways to wear said button scarf and it just so happens that more than one of them can pass as a cardigan!  (See poster below.)

scardiganI’m not going to lie, it is pretty awesome that PBJ carries an item that was described on SNL. (Even though they didn’t show a picture of one.) So if you didn’t have any idea of what a Scardigan was, you now have your answer…It is a Button Scarf just like the one below! Go buy one today!

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