Pantone’s 2013 Color Trends, PBJ Style

Today I was Taking a looking at Pantone’s Color Trends for Spring 2013, and I must say that I love the color selections. Seeing as I loved the colors so much I decided to do my own version… Purple Box Jewelry Style. Below is the list of Pantone’s top 10 colors for the season showcasing some of Purple Box Jewelry’s favorite accessories.

What do you think of this springs color lineup?

Monaco Blue - Stone Hinged Bracelet

Dusk Blue - Pin Dot Pastel Scarf

Emerald - Brite Flower Necklace

Grayed Jade - Abalone Slide Scarf Jewelry

Linen - Cable Knit Button Up Scarf

Poppy Red - Silicone Light Up Watch

African Violets - Solid Color Stripe Scarf

Tender Shoots - Brite Multi Ring Green Scarf Jewelry

Lemon Zest - Scarf Jewelry Necklace

Nectarine - Open Weave Bright Color Scarf

To take a look at other accessories that fit these trends visit


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