Katy Perry is a Firework

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When you think Vogue Magazine the first person that comes to mind probably isn’t Katy Perry. She’s young and her style is often a bit eccentric. Vogue typically isn’t the place to see electric blue locks and cupcake bras. That being said, Katy Perry has once again stunned us all with her appearance. The latest issue of Vogue has surfaced and Perry astonishes.

Her makeup is simple but her breeze blown, jet black hair and cherry red lips add just enough pop to keep her style dramatic. Donned in floral, her dress fits her like a glove, shows off a classy style, and adds a burst of color that stands out against the green grass background.  She may not look like a “California Gurl” in this picture, but her style screams summer. While I am not partial to tutus or dresses with objects growing out of them, I would say that her Vogue look is one of my favorites. She pulls off the classy look with great elegance.

It is safe to say that I am in no way qualified to argue with the stylists at Vogue, but I would of course suggest adding some subtle bling to this look. The small red earrings she has on look great, but I would pair such a busy patterned dress with classic gold.  PBJ’s Hoop with Stone Accents Pierced Earrings are simple enough to not look over powering, but just flashy enough to accent her face. Her one shoulder neckline is too dramatic for a necklace, but she could pull in more gold with a statement ring or bracelet. Our Stone Accent Bracelet or the Satin Two Tone with Stone Ring would also be excellent pairs. With or without jewelry, there definitely is no “Hot ‘n Cold” with this outfit; Katy Perry sizzles.

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