How To: Stack Bracelets

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PBJ presents another week of summer savings with 50% off all bracelets this week! Bracelets are a perfect way to spice up any outfit, especially in the summer when tank tops and short sleeved shirts are on the rise. Stacking bracelets, also known as “arm parties” are all the rage this season and are taking the jewelry world by storm. By mixing and matching there are so many looks you can create with just a few pieces. Start with a chunky bracelet or a watch, add some smaller ones on either side, and you are set!

The first look that we have created is by stacking bracelets of a similar look. All three of these silver bracelets pull in a black and textured design. The turquoise beads add a pop of color while still keeping with the same feel. This could be paired with a simple white shirt as shown in the picture, or paired with a bright color for a summery feel.

The second look we have created is combining different textures and shapes. We started this “arm party” with our favorite Fleur De Lis cuff watch. The oblong beads on the pearl bracelet fit well with the watch and the square bracelet adds a different shape as well as some color to this look. Don’t hesitate to throw in charm bracelets, or other one of a kind pieces. Sometimes they strangest pairs make the best.

The final look we have created is with classic gold. Again we have started with a watch and built up from there. The rhinestone studded cuff bracelet adds some bling and texture to the look. The small cross bracelet throws in a small, but eye catching piece. “Arm parties” are all about mixing and matching. Use this time to wear that bracelet that you have that you would never wear on its own.

There is no right or wrong way to throw and arm party so get out there and start stacking!

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