Throwback Thursday: We’re Off to See Judy Garland

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It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re excited because this week our inspiration is a Minnesota native just like PBJ! It’s Judy Garland. Garland started singing and performing at about the same age she learned to walk and talk; and she never really slowed down. Garland is most well known as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” She followed the yellow brick road all the way into the hearts of millions. She was in numerous films after that, released a number of songs, and made concert appearances. Professional achievements aside, her personal life was not all fun and games. Garland struggled immensely with body image, but we think her appearance and style are spot on.

For our inspiration, we chose a picture in which Garland rocks a lot of accessories. She started her look off with a basic short sleeve, turtle neck, black dress. We love pieces like this because they are great transition pieces that can be worn in any season. She added a belt to this dress defining her waistline giving her and ultra-feminine look. Pairing a solid color, belted dress with simple accessories like she did with her bracelet and pin is great because it still keeps it simple without being to blah. Last but not least, makeup. Garland usually kept it pretty simple, but the deep lips really add drama to this look. This is a classic¬†ensemble¬†that will never be obsolete. Recreating this fashionable outfit will really put you “somewhere over the rainbow.”

Here are current trends we found to duplicate this look.

Cold Shoulder Cashmere Turtleneck Dress – Neiman Marcus
Leather & Bejeweled Metal Bracelet – Purple Box Jewelry
Buckled Faux Leather Waist Belt – Forever 21
Half Palm Leather Driving Gloves – May & Maya
Gold Three Heart Pin Brooch – Generous Gems
Moody Merlot Creme Luxe Lipstick – BH Cosmetics

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