How To: Pair Colors Like a Pro


Labor Day is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: summer is coming to an end and fall is in the air. What better way to transition from one season to the next than some bold and fun color pairing! Below we show you some of PBJ’s favorite color combos fashion gurus from near and far are loving. We will show you how to read the color wheel with the eyes of a fashionista and how to add some pop to those basic neutrals you have floating around in your closet!

Scarf Color Wheel

The picture above shows a color wheel we found super helpful in pairing colors. The rule of the color wheel that leads to excellent outfits is the complementary color rule. It sounds like it’s a science but it is really quite simple. Complementary colors are those that are found directly across from each other on the color wheel. The best part about complementary colors is  you can pair a summery color with a fall color and be set for this in between time of year! Go ahead and print a color wheel picture and hang it by your closet as a reminder… we aren’t judging.



Our first pair of complementary colors are navy and coral. We absolutely love this combo because it makes for good use of our new Opaque Coral Facet Bead Necklace and Earring Set. The navy shirt complements this necklace well and the combo of colors is still bright without being too much for the fall season.


Our second set of complementary colors are violet and mustard. Again, these colors are across from each other on the color wheel. Violet is a great summer color and mustard is a classic fall choice. Since the basic tee and the Solid Color Soft Weave Scarf are both very simple pieces, we added a pattered skirt to spice up the look. Pair this outfit with some classic black accents and you’re good to go!


Now for our neutrals. We all have them: white, black, grays, and browns are those colors that don’t fall on the color wheel… so what do you do with them? They really can be worn with anything, but we have one rule we love to follow. Pair your neutrals with a vibrant or very bold color; and by vibrant and very bold we mean something you probably would not wear a second color with. Below are colors that we are calling “It Colors” for Fall 2013.

The first color is Emerald. Pantone chose Emerald at their Color of the Year for 2013. We love emerald because it looks good on anyone; dark hair, light hair, and any skin tone. We suggest pairing emerald with nude because it’s classy and gives a very crisp and proper look. The patent leather accessories are great in keeping with the “on the fancy side” look. The Gold Texture Collar Necklace goes well with both the neckline of the dress and the gold accents on the purse.



As mentioned in our Color Trend Blog, Mint is a go to color. Grey is one of those colors people tend to stay away from because it is “blah” and “boring”, but not if you pair it with something bright and fun! We love mint and grey together because it is lighter than black and almost all pastel colors really stand out against grey. Our Soft Color Infinity Jersey Scarf adds a pop of color and ups the comfort factor to this casual look.



The last color that we love for this upcoming fall season is Oxblood. It’s bold, rich, and just screams Autumn. Oxblood and Black is such a great combo because it makes a statement without being too flashy and over the top. This look can be worn now and all the way to the new year. We paired this oxblood sweater with our Large Cluster Stone Pin and our Black with Color Edge Strap Watch in Black. It’s simple, but bold: just what we like.

Go take a fashion risk and start pairing colors! 

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