How To: Scarf Tying with Scarf Jewelry

Purple Box Jewelry shows some creative ways to
tie scarves with scarf jewelry!

Scarf Tying - The Jenny Twist

The Jenny Twist

Scarf – Lavender Paisley Pashmina
Scarf Jewelry – Abalone Slide & Silver Rings

Take a look at our Scarf Tying with Scarf Jewelry video for
step by step instructions on how to create these looks!

Scarf Tying - The Loop Through

The Loop Through

Scarf – Pink Solid Color Stripe Scarf
Scarf Jewelry –Silver Triangle Open Wire Slide

Scarf Tying - Traditional Scarf Tie

Traditional Scarf Tie with Scarf Jewelry

Scarf – Giraffe Print Shawl
Scarf Jewelry – Black Teardrop Stone Scarf Jewelry


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