Throwback Thursday: Another Little Piece of Janis Joplin

This week, PBJ has chosen a look a little more wild and funky for Throwback Thursday. Janis Joplin is our go to girl. Born in 1943 in Texas, Joplin is a singer-songwriter best known for her growly voice. Between the years of 1962 and 1970 she stunned the music world with blues rock, soul, psychedelic rock, acid rock, country, folk, hard rock, and jazz blues. Her fans called her performances electric and she was one of the main attractions at Woodstock. Joplin released many high ranking songs, but her most well known are Piece of My Heart and her number one hit, Me and Bobby McGee. Clearly she had quite a career and we love her look just as much as her music.

Janis Joplin

The above picture may be one of the most popular out there of Joplin, and we love it. It captures her carefree personality to a T and her ability to accessories is spot on. She takes it about as far as you can go without being over the top and she looks great doing it. Chunky necklaces, extreme bracelet stacking, and retro sunglasses make for an effortless look that is perfect for the end of summer.

Below are some things we found to get this psychedelic look. Often pictured with a cigarette in her hand, we added some old school candy cigarettes to our must have list. We suggest these instead of actual cigarettes so that you can truly capture the essence that is Joplin without actually smoking! PBJ gives a thumbs up for that!

Janis Joplin Style

Gold Metal Stretch Bracelet with Silver ZigZag Accent – Purple Box Jewelry
Multi Stone 5 Wrap Bracelet on Brown LeatherĀ  – VIPbeads
Chevron Curb Chain Triple Wrap Bracelet – scattered papers
Wood & Shell Link Necklace Set – Purple Box Jewelry
SW Round Style Sunglasses – Sunglass Warehouse
Just Like Dad Candy Ciarettes –

Modeling your style after Janis Joplin will leave you ready to rock!

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