PBJ’s Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Here at PBJ we are counting down the days until Christmas, our favorite time of year! The stores are filled with decorations, holiday music, and great sales… What could be better?Today we decided to start brainstorming some things that we would love to pull out of our stockings on Christmas morning. Check out what we came up with below.


1. Soap and Glory Hand Food – Sephora
This is some of the best hand lotion out there. It leaves your hands super soft, is non-greasy, and has a hint of marshmallow so the smell is amazing!

2. Tribal Pattern Metal Drop Pierced Earrings – Purple Box Jewelry
These earrings are fun for the holidays because they are big but the tribal pattern make them stylish enough to wear all year long.

3. Peppermint Hot Cocoa –¬†Ghirardelli
Winter is the perfect time for a mug of hot cocoa and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with Ghirardelli? Make it peppermint for a festive twist.

4. Mint Julips Lip Scrub – Lush
The winter months can leave your lips chapped and dry, especially around here where our winters get bitter cold. This lip scrub from Lush is made with sugar so it wont irritate your lips and the jojoba oil leaves them silky smooth.

5. Knit Texting Gloves – Purple Box Jewelry
With smart phones on the rise, texting gloves make a great gift! Again since it is so cold here (We’re Minnesotan… of course we are going to reference the weather at least twice), being able to use a touch screen without freezing your fingers off is a big bonus!

The next few items are for the men out there. We have to give you some stocking stuffer love too!!

6. Poker Chips – Amazon
This isn’t really gender specific, because girls can rock the Texas Hold’em too, but what guy wouldn’t love some shiny new chips?

7. Beef Jerky – Jack Links
Again not gender specific but guys love snacks more than lip gloss so there you go.

8. Whistle Creek Survival Kit in a Sardine Can – Amazon
For the hunter, fisher, or camper in your life. It will fit in his stocking which means it will fit in his pocket and they say it has, “Emergency medical supplies, nourishment, navigational aids & more!”

What are your go to stocking stuffers? Remember you have 42 days to figure it out!!

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