How To: The Bow Tie Scarf from Purple Box Jewelry

Lately, winter has been bringing me down. All the snow and cold is just starting to get to me. So, that being said, I decided to share with you one of my favorite scarf ties that reminds me of spring. This scarf tie works best with lightweight scarves that are long and kind of blousey. (Is blousey a word?) The scarf we used is the Solid Color Stripe Scarf (which you can find here), but any light weight scarf will do. Purple Box Jewelry has a great variety to choose from.

The Bow Tie Scarf


Here is the breakdown:

1. Hang your scarf around you neck… pretty simple
2. Fold one end over the other to make a simple half knot
3. Tie into a beautiful fluffy bow
4. Adjust the bow off to the side and pull to the desired fluffiness

All in all, this scarf tie is a breeze to accomplish and the
perfect addition to a warm spring afternoon.

Here is to hoping warmer weather is just around the corner!


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