How to Choose the Perfect Necklace with Purple Box Jewelry

If you are like me you struggle choosing a necklace to wear with your outfit almost every day. More often than not I end up going sans jewelry completely because I just can’t decide. We definitely don’t want this to happen to you, so here at Purple Box Jewelry we have come up with a guide on how to choose the perfect necklace for your neckline.

Below are 12 different top styles and what necklaces go best with them.
These rules aren’t written in stone, but are a great place to start.


Tonal Pear & Silver Link Necklace & Earring Set

With a Boat Neck top a long beaded necklace looks amazing
but any other long necklace will be an awesome choice.


Blue Stone Reversible Necklace

With a Collared Shirt your best bet it to wear a short pendant or choker
so that you can really show off the jewelry and not hide it.


Tribal Pattern Metal Drop Pierced Earrings

A Cowl Neck top is a whole different animal. These tops look
the best with bold oversized feature earrings.


Silver Rose Filigree Collar Necklace

Since a Crew Neck top rests very close to the neck, Bib and Collar necklaces are an excellent choice. Another good option would be a long pendant necklace.


Pearl & Stone Cluster Drop Necklace

Halter Neck tops require something a little more dainty,
that’s why Slim Pendants are the perfect choice.


Two-Tone Starfish Necklace & Earring Set

With an Off the Shoulder top you can be a little more daring with
you necklace choice. Since you have a little more skin showing,
an Asymmetric Necklace will be sure to accentuate your outfit.


Opaque Coral Facet Bead Necklace & Earring Set

With a Scoop Neck top you want to bring a little volume into the picture. A couple great options are shorter pendants with volume, bib, or collar necklaces.


Silver Feather Design Collar Necklace

With a Square Neckline you want to accentuate the angles with an angular pendant.


Brite Teardrop Shell Necklace

With a Strapless top your best bet will be a shorter necklace
that sits close to the neck like a choker.


Coral & Gold Seed Bead Necklace & Earring Set

With a Sweetheart neckline you want to add some curves and movement,
that’s why curved beads or pendants are the best option.


Multi Row Layered Chain Necklace & Earring Set

If you love a Turtleneck, you should reach for long chains or long pendants.


Black & Silver Open Link Multi Row Necklace

A V-Neck top will look good with a lot of different necklaces.
However, our favorites are long chains and long v-shaped necklaces.

Happy Accessorizing!

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