How To: Wear a Headband with Purple Box Jewelry

Headbands, once thought to be only worn by kids, have been consistently proving that they are an all ages accessory. Today we wanted to show you the versatility of some of our favorite headbands at Purple Box Jewelry with multiple ways to wear them.

1. The Classic

You wear this headband like you think you would…
around your head to keep your hair out of your face, but with a little extra flair!

The Classic
Black & White Chevron Headband

2. With a Low Side Messy Bun

This is more about adding a little something extra to your hairstyle.
This gold and coral headband dresses up this casual look.

Low Side Messy Bun
Coral with Gold Chain Headband

3. The Rocker Chick

If you are looking for something a little more edgy, this is the look for you.
Perfect for music festivals, or a trip to your favorite hipster hot spot.

The Rocker Chick
Seed Bead Stretch Headband

4. The Twisted Up-Do

This elegant look takes little to no effort. Just place the headband on your head, but not under your hair. Bring strands of your hair over and behind the headband to create this lovely look.

Turquoise with Gold Chain Headband

5. The Scrunchie

If you want to put your hair up in a pony tail but are short a hair tie,
no fear, you can use a stretchy headband!

The Scrunchie
Black & White Houndstooth Headband

What’s your favorite way to wear a headband?

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