How To: Accessorize your Halloween Costume

Everyone loves Halloween, kids and adults alike, although for different reasons. Kids love it because they get to dress up and eat TONS of candy. Adults like it because they get to dress up like a crazy person and not act like an adult. There are a million different options for Halloween costumes out there, but sometimes the “right out of the box” costumes can be a little boring. That being said, we here at Purple Box Jewelry, put together some awesome ways to jazz up some very popular costume ideas.

#1 The Hippie

hippieMulti Row Natural Bead Necklace & Earring Set
Tribal Pattern Metal Drop Pierced Earrings
Genuine Bead Bracelet
Seed Bead Stretch Headband
Green Pastel Paisley Scarf

#2 The Witch

witchTextured Ombre Scarf
Octagonal Stretch Bracelet
Three Piece Black Bead & Pearl Bracelet
Bright Orange Shape Drop Pierced Earrings
Black Y-Shaped Drop Necklace & Pierced Earring Set

#3 The Pricess

princessPretty In Pink Double Row Necklace
Beaded Cluster Pearl Stretch Bracelet
Stone Accents Bracelet
Pastel Bead Gold Shower Drop Earrings
Open Mesh with Sequins Scarf

#4 The Sailor

sailorSolid Color Soft Weave Scarf
Open Work Filigree Drop Pierced Earrings
Silver & Color Teardrop Pierced Earrings
Octagonal Stretch Bracelet
Rhinestone Accent Modern Stretch Ring
Chunky Nautical Necklace

What’s your favorite Halloween costume, and how do you accessorize it?

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