Free Shipping!

As a show of thanks, we are now offering customers free priority shipping on any order over $50. This is just one of the many ways we are saying "thank you" to the shoppers of Purple Box Jewelry. We offer seasonal promotions throughout the year that we hope you will take advantage of, but we want to make sure there is always a deal you can strive towards, no matter when you are shopping. Fashion can strike you at any time, and we want to be ready for it!

Whenever the items in your cart total more than $50, you will unlock the FREE SHIPPING option in the cart. This will be seen under the "Estimate Shipping and Tax" box, found in the bottom-middle section of the cart page. Select this option, and we will provide free priority shipping for your entire order.

Purple Box Jewelry prides itself on providing afforable fashions and accessories to its customers. We know that it can be frustrating to find the items and styles you want at the right price, only to have extra shipping charges added at the last second. That's where we come in. We want to make sure that customers who are dedicated to our brand are able to get the fashionable items they want at a price they can afford. Shop now and bring a new fashion trend into your life with Purple Box Jewelry.

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Check out our Earring Sets and Rings.

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Most of our Scarf Jewelry is priced right around the $10 mark.

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Most of our Scarves are between $13-18.

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Some of our Necklaces are priced near the $20 mark.

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Start shopping anywhere! PBJ is full of great deals!